Anna Ostrowski

Anna Ostrowski was born and raised in a small town outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After graduating with a degree in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design she packed up her bags into a mini van and headed to Dallas, Texas to begin her first career as a Field Sales Consultant (aka sales rep) for Henry Schein Dental. In this role she worked with over 100 dentists to supply them with all the needs of their practices including: merchandise (bib, cups, gloves), equipment (X rays, chairs, hand pieces), technology (patient portals, communication, website), and practice services (insurance reimbursement, marketing, production solutions). She did that for over a year increasing the sales of her territory by over 200%. Although she liked the job very much she felt a calling towards leadership. She began training sales reps and managing collegiate recruiting for 10 states. After a year and a half of that, she was promoted to doing that for the entire country with a heavy emphasis on rebuilding the onboarding and training program for all new hires. In addition she leads the summer internship program. As of 2023 her role has expanded to begin doing the same for Henry Schein’s Medical division. When she isn’t working for Schein you can find her exercising, reading, learning Spanish, spending time with family, friends and exploring different cities.