Becky Rauen

Vice President | Director of Field Operations – Marketing

Becky Rauen is Vice President, Director of Field Operations, and leads Great Lakes, Midwest, and North Central Regions.

An Iowa native, Becky received her bachelor’s degree in finance from Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota.

Becky joined Federated in June 2003 as a Marketing Development Trainee and moved to Des Moines, IA as a Marketing Representative.  She was a District Marketing Manager, leading teams in both Sioux Falls, SD, and Allentown, PA.  In December 2013, Becky was appointed Regional Marketing Manager for the Midwest Region in Madison, WI.  In January 2018, she was named Director of the Learning Center, and in April 2018 was appointed Vice President.  Becky is a past member of the Digital Strategy Team.  She is currently a member of the Commercial Lines Team and chairs the Promotion Implementation Team. 

Becky, her husband Peter, and their sons, Aiden 9, and Bennett 7, reside in Owatonna.  Becky and her family enjoy being active outdoors, including hiking, biking, running, and playing sports.  Becky and her family also enjoy traveling anywhere with water!