Jordan Harrison

Jordan Harrison is an educator working to transform antiqued systems and the inequities that stem from injustice. A firm believer that the right words, to the right people, at the right time can change the trajectory of their entire life. Since winning his first speech contest in 8th grade Jordan, recognized the power words have to facilitate change on an individual and system level. He now dedicates his life to using words to inspire change at every level to every person possible.  

His father imparted words on him that he takes to every person and place. “Face the condition. Change the conclusion.” Before we can even discuss what we can change we need to understand the conditions that have allowed for inequities and injustice to persist in our world. From that understanding, we can begin the beautiful, yet challenging work of re-imagining the world that can exist. Jordan firmly believes that we can change the conclusions we have placed on our own personal lives and people groups. Through engaging workshops, consultations and keynote speeches on leadership, equity, and anti-racism Jordan invites you to step into a place of questioning “truths”, celebrating future possibilities all while understanding the daily work we all must do for progress. “Face the condition. Change the conclusion.” 

Jordan J. Harrison is a professional speaker, educator, and social entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. Jordan was the first Director of College Town and Senior Director of Programs serving first gen student. Over his seven years he worked with over 5,000 8th-12th grade first generation college students throughout southern California. He played a pivotal role in assisting students in San Diego, Mexico, Los Angeles and beyond to become first generation college graduates. His work specifically focused on students in 8th grade with a 2.0 and below in jeopardy of dropping out and students who were gang affiliated. He works with students, educators and professionals to provide solutions to one question, “How do we create environments where every person can succeed, no matter where they come from. Harrison is committed to changing the educational outcomes of low-income, underrepresented and first-generation students from under served communities around the world. Jordan has worked on creating solutions to urban education challenges with the U.S Attorney’s office, Rotary international, U.S News and World Reports, San Diego State University, UC San Diego, Harvard University and many others. 

Jordan is a proud alumnus of San Diego State University (SDSU) where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing with a minor in social and personality psychology. While at SDSU, Jordan was recognized as a top student leader and he decided to invest his time and his life in the community working alongside students in urban education as an advocate for educational justice. He continued his education journey and earned his Master’s in Education at Harvard University (’18) as an Urban Scholar Fellow focusing on Prevention Science and Practice and positive youth development.

His passion for community, making a difference, and transformation through education has led him to be an inspirational speaker and community advocate who lives a mission driven life to change the world.