Mark Bloomquist

Combining 15 years of sales experience with a culinary degree and a love for travel, Mark Bloomquist has spent the last team years as a hospitality consultant in both the food and beverage and travel industries. Previously as a Regional Sales Manager for Cloudbeds, Mark worked with independent businesses to help them reach more guests and create memorable experiences. Having lived in six US states and two countries, Mark believes that traveling is about more than just visiting a place; but also involves immersing yourself in culture and the community. Working at Cloudbeds has allowed him to bring his unique brand of expertise to properties around the country while also enjoying the flexibility of working remotely.

Mark Bloomquist will be joining us for a fun & educational discussion around objections, negotiations, and controlling the outcome of your sales calls. He will dive deep on why we should uncover objections before presenting, the proper reasons and ways to negotiate, and ultimately give you secrets to closing more sales and starting your sales career off right.